Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flooding of 2010

RI is dealing with some MAJOR Flooding right now! They are saying no power for about 3-5 days maybe more!
Here are some pictures of the devastating Flood of 2010...
This picture is right down the road from me :/ The Bradford River across the street is just flowing right into these peoples homes! Westerly RI. Ashaway RI
I pray for everyone who has encountered major loss from this, and for everyone to be safe and warm♥

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Chicks

I wanted to share with you my BEAUTIFUL little babies we bought the other day. They are just so precious♥

The tub we have them in right now may seem small, but they are being transferred as we speak. I just HAD to post the first pics I took of them♥ They are only about 2 weeks old. We will have them indoors for a good 2-3 months. I'm all over the Internet looking for Coop designs. There are SO MANY... :/ lol!

I did come across an ADORABLE Coop Design on The Tangled Nest (Great Blog to read) This Coop is the cutest I've EVER seen!! I'm loving it♥ Simple and easy, just for me =)

I will keep you updated with new pics and the Coop Building process! ;)

I can't wait till my Beauties lay their very First Egg! That will be SO exciting!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ETSY Treasury~ Whooo-Hooo!! ♥

Well, I haven't posted anything in a LOOOOONG time ~ but I had to share the great news! Giftz and Greetingz made it to an ETSY Treasury!!!! How exciting!!!! Check it out...I'm not sure how to post the whole page to my Blog~ so the link will do >
Im loving Everything in this Treasury =)))..Thanks a BUNCH AdyaInternational!!! XOXO!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Please VOTE for me =) - critique Giveaway!!

Hello all!!! I entered the French's 2009 Cook-Off - and would LOVE for your votes PLEASE!!! =)=)=)
I entered an AWESOME Pork Chop Recipe that will never have you eating Blan Pork Chops AGAIN!!
Click HERE for my French Fried Pork Chop Recipe...and to VOTE for!!
If you happen to make the recipe - stop back by and let me know how you like it! Just leave me a comment here on our BLOG under this post =)

A GIVE-A-WAY of my Birdie Note Card Set will be given to 2 People who critique my Recipe the best!!! I LOVE all opinions!!

*** Just a quick little reminder... if you choose to do the recipe - go over a little on the measurements... I only had limited options to choose when entering the recipe. Good Luck All!!

***Give-A-Way ends Sept 30th - the WINNER will be announced Thursday Oct 1st!! Please leave your name and email with the comment so I can contact you if you are the WINNER!!! If you are my FB friends no need to - I already have a way to contact you Just leave your name!

Thanks again for your VOTES - and ENJOY your Pork Chops =)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some new Items....

Here are a couple of our Glass Tile pendants we have made... more in our Shop. These are sooo ADDICTING to make!!!! I love how you can use any kind of paper and do any design you want on them! I have a tutorial link a few posting down under RECENT ETSY PURCHASES (June Archive) that show you how to make them...if you don't know how.
We added them to our ETSY SHOP Check us out!!!!
We are always adding new items weekly =)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Memories

Our good friend and partner Christopher Hackett was killed in a motorcycle accident last week =(
Chris was a well-known Local Musician and Owner of Mojo Music in Westerly, Rhode Island. He was a member of several bands in the area of the years most recently he was a member of Signs of Life and The Burden. Over the years Chris taught many the love of music and had several current students. Chris was also an accomplished Chef and worked in many of the best restaurants in the area over the years. Chris also was very active in Alcoholic Anonymous and touched many lives with his undying generosity and unconditional love.

He was the big guy who rode his motorcycle with his bass guitar on his back; his long, curly brown hair loose to the wind, his friends say.

The man with the big smile and the “gigantic heart,” who liked to teach others how to play –– and enjoy the music.

I will miss all the laughs we had (OMG! LOVE IT!)...Brice? Good times will always be remembered!
I am so Grateful to have had him as a friend, he opened my eyes to so much. Chris you will be missed by MANY and always LOVED!

RIP Chris

Thursday, July 9, 2009


It's been forever since I posted something....soooo sorry! This summer has been BUSYYYY!! Which is good in a way , but I have had nooo time to post or Blog!
Be patient though cause I will be posting new items real soon! A HUGE show is coming up the 17th 18th & 19th that I'm trying to get ready for =) If anybody is familiar with t - its the URI Balloon Festival in RI. It goes on for 3 days and TONS of people go! I hope it turns out good - We are due for a good show!!! We had a show last weekend that was a MAJOR flop =( I'm not letting that get me down though... have to stay positive!
Wish me LUCK - will be updating very soon!!!!