Thursday, May 21, 2009

Craft show Goodies!

Well The Virtue Art is almost here - TWO Days away! WOW - that came fast! Just wanted to post up some pics of some of my Purse & Onesie cards I made for it. I hope I do good this weekend :) The weather BETTER be nice. For the display of the Onesie cards I'm thinking of hanging them like on a clothes line with cute little colored clothes pins...Adorable! I will take pics of the Display I set up and let you all know how it went! Wish me LUCK :) Be back Sunday!

These are Onesie tags I made up...


  1. love the purses! i love papercrafts! if you get the chance check out my Etsy shop for paper craft embellishments

  2. Thank you so much :) I love your blog and shop!