Thursday, May 7, 2009

Virtue Art Festival

Ok... So we will be in the Virtue Art Festival May 23th and 24th. In Westerly RI - Wilcox Park. I'm freaking out because I'm such a procrastinator!! I do this to my myself before EVERY show! I am always saying about two months ahead that I'm going to work on things so that I'm not overloaded the week before - BUT once again I'm screwed! I have three weeks and nothing done...eeeek. So whats going to happen is I will be a maniac starting next week - up until the show (sorry John, my poor boyfriend)LOL... and all because I fail to learn from my mistakes. I'm on Vacation the week before the show so I'm hoping it wont be too bad...but still, WHY do I do this to myself??? Just like WHY am I on the Computer writing this instead of working on what I need to be doing??? haha...

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