Sunday, June 7, 2009

Recent ETSY Purchases :)

I wanted to share with you some SWEET items I purchased from ETSY!!
First I ordered this Glass Square Pendant Kit from Sun and Moon - One of my FAVE Shops on ETSY! You GOTTA check it out! The kit also comes with directions on How-To make them. This shop has everything you need to make Glass or Scrabble Tile Pendants!
I LOVE these Glass Pendants people make and want to try some of my own :) You can do sooo much with them...key chains, pendants, magnets and more! Cant wait to receive my Kit!!!

I also bought these Glass Bubble Gems & Adjustable Ring Blanks to make some CUTE Rings! I bought these from The Glass Connection - another GREAT ETSY shop I found! Check it out! This shop also has Glass Jewelry Supplies and more...

**Here is a GREAT Tutorial from Annie Howes Keepsakes BLOG on How To Make SCRABBLE TILE pendants!

Another Tutorial on how to make GLASS TILE pendants can be found HERE

The reason I'm LOVING these cute Rings and Pendants is because you use PAPER with them!! Any kind of paper - scrapbook paper, photo paper, Japanese Washi paper, origami paper, even Gift Wrap! I am a sucker for anything to do with PAPER!

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