Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Memories

Our good friend and partner Christopher Hackett was killed in a motorcycle accident last week =(
Chris was a well-known Local Musician and Owner of Mojo Music in Westerly, Rhode Island. He was a member of several bands in the area of the years most recently he was a member of Signs of Life and The Burden. Over the years Chris taught many the love of music and had several current students. Chris was also an accomplished Chef and worked in many of the best restaurants in the area over the years. Chris also was very active in Alcoholic Anonymous and touched many lives with his undying generosity and unconditional love.

He was the big guy who rode his motorcycle with his bass guitar on his back; his long, curly brown hair loose to the wind, his friends say.

The man with the big smile and the “gigantic heart,” who liked to teach others how to play –– and enjoy the music.

I will miss all the laughs we had (OMG! LOVE IT!)...Brice? Good times will always be remembered!
I am so Grateful to have had him as a friend, he opened my eyes to so much. Chris you will be missed by MANY and always LOVED!

RIP Chris


  1. thats true he was one of the best people you could ever meet he always had a smile ear to ear and never judged anyone. He was my fathers best friend for my whole life and i just remember going to his house for superbowls and his wife wendy turned me into a broncos fan and of course chris was dissapointed he wanted me to be a giants fan but thats life. I just wanted to say that anyone who ever met chris was lucky because hes not the kind of guy you meet every day he was the guy who could turn the worst day of your life in to the best day you ever had and he will be missed.

  2. Thanks for such a GREAT comment Bobby!!!! You are absolutely right - he would bring a smile to anyone's face =)
    I feel very blessed to have had him as a friend!

    Melissa =)

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